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You must always use caution with stops in any trade you do to prevent losses.
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Precise Swing Points -Resistence and Support

Where are the support and resistance points?

Where are the swing points on a chart?

This is an especially important lesson! Just about all other systems or methods of trading takes note of where the key support and resistance levels are.

I have found a two uses for my way of identifying these points – They are Swing Points!

You may think you know where Support and Resistance
How do you know where support and resistance

The problem with Support and Resistance (S&R) is that it is not a finite number. It is not an precise point on the chart at which price will stop.

In fact S&R is actually an area – it is not an precise number as we would all like to think.

The problem of course, is that in order to do our calculations we need an exact point. You can’t enter $50.10 area when using fibonacci or working out your stops and limits. You need an precise number even though S&P is not an exact number.

Tell your broker that you want a stop loss at between 50 and 55 and watch him burst a vein

This is what I want to focus on in this lesson. This is a method I have found to be particularly good at not only identifying strong S&P points but also swing points.

In order to find S&P we must first find market swing points. There are different ways of doing this but I am going to use the one I have used for years.

Making Money Online Using The Automated Daytrading Stock Robot

There is a software that shows anyone from the inexperienced to the Professional Broker or Investment Strategist a way to use an automated software that literally shows you step by step how you tin earn , or yet + each morning, with your own ‘Automated Stock Trading Robot’!

This is known as quick cash injection!

The robot using Artificial Intelligence (AI) computes 1000x faster than an ordinary human Broker could do and lets you make the final decision. This robot literally “stalks” all the stocks available on every stock market in the world (that you choose), picks out the most profitable stocks and alerts you while you may be having your breakfast or drinking your coffee. Then you place your trade with your favorite Broker, make the profit and behold by the end of the day as the stock rises you are able to sell the stocks that very same day making a sizeable profit (00.00 or more during the week).

The robot has already been featured in Business Week and the Wall Street Journal.

This software has been tried and tested and comes with the Author’s guarantee. The Author is so sure it can work for you that he offers a money-back guarantee. You can try it out for 8 weeks absolutely free and he also allows you to either postdate your cheque 8 weeks in advance or if you decide to pay with your credit card, to email him for a full refund. One cannot get a better deal than that in these times of crisis!

Be forewarned: Use this software intelligently. Although it is very easy to use, mistakes can happen. The Author, however,guides you step by step and I would advise that you follow his instructions to the letter.

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my-privatbroker Daytrading 15.01.09 Tagebuch in Euro

Geld verdienen im Sekundenhandel. Täglicher Live Handel, mit klaren Signalen aus dem Handelsraum per Teamspeak. – einfach von zu Hause oder aus Ihrem Büro. – handeln Sie selbst a der Börse – auf ihr eigenes Konto. Verdienen Sie Ihr Geld TÄGLICH a der Börse und sichern Sie sich ein festes Einkommen
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Successful Daytrading Strategy – Trading Robot

Trading the stock market has been the norm for investors for many years. Everyone had their own day trading strategy and they traded how they whipsaw fit. A few populated made money consistently, while 95% of the investors lost money every single day. With so many different systems and strategies, how do you really know which one to use? Luckily, advancements in technology have come along that allow a trading robot to make profitable trades for you.

While it seems like a great idea, is it really possible to profit with a trading robot as your primary day trading strategy? The truth is, it’s not only possible, but it’s the only way to go if you want to succeed. The problem with manual systems is that they are devised and implemented by humans. While we are each in charge of our own strategies, we have a hard clocking sticking with it. It might be the best strategy that has ever been created by man, but if you can’t stick with it, you’ll lose money.

This is what makes a trading robot such a fantastic idea. It is programmed with an unbeatable system and it actually carries out what it was designed to do. It doesn’t rely on some hot tip that it just got from it’s neighbor. It analyzes the market and trades according to the algorithm that it was programmed with. It doesn’t factor in emotion or feelings or anything else.

So how exactly does Day Trading Robot work? It is turned on to analyze the markets. After it determines what is the best trade to make, it spits out a command like “Buy WMT @ .48”. You would then go and purchase the desired amount of stock at that price. While the robot does all of the difficult work of analyzing everything, it is withal up to you to place the trades.

After the purchase is made, the robot continues to analyze the markets. It is taking in information from hundreds of different companies and analyzing them accordingly. When the time is right, the day trading strategy robot will tell you to sell the stock. You then put in an order to sell the stock and once it goes through you have made a profit. In this way, the trading robot will reap you a nice return time and time again.

The Day Trading Robot has a high chance of return because it deals in mostly penny stocks. While this has the ability to increase your return, it can increase your risk as well. No system is foolproof, so you will experience a loss every now and then. Whenever you are trading on a live market, unexpected things are going to happen.

Overall, Day Trading Robot is a fantastic day trading strategy for you to implement. You will be given the win buy and sell signals every single week. All you have to do is put the orders in and buy and sell the stocks. Anyone can do this as it is selfsame easy. If you’ve been considering getting Day Trading Robot, now is the time.

Do not wait and essaying Day Trading Robot completely risk free for 60 days.

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Online Trading Live Day Trading Tips for Jan 8 Part 2

Learn online day trading live, in real time. Watch and learn from this video as I demonstrate tips and strategies during the trading day. I don’t use a trading system. I trade discretionary setups using software filters and Technical Analysis. How to best day trade for small consistent profits is my goal for this video tutorial. The information I give is for education only. Daytrading for a living is not easy to learn. It is something that takes much training.
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(Roger) Online Daytrading Education Pays Off For New Futures Trading Student Roger Jan. 18, 2011 Precognitive Trading – Mind Over Matter New Futures Trading students make money because they have learned the market’s systematic movements! The KEY to a profitable stock market trading is the clear understanding of the Market’s Predictable Systematic Movements! NFT will teach you to understand the Market’s Systematic Movements. You will learn to enter a trade with precision and hold that trade to its final target! You will learn to see a trading position coming minutes before you take action, and know the possible target even before you take that position! You will learn to trade using only a 5 tick stop loss!
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Ca$h machen mit Daytrading: 7.000% in 12 Monaten

Eine Million Euro in zwölf Monaten. Das war das Ziel von Kay Brendel. Startkapital: 1.000 Euro. Unter dem Strich blieben nach einem Jahr über 70.000 Euro. Ziel verfehlt. Und dennoch, eine beachtliche Performance von 7.000 Prozent!
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