3 Best Daytrading Emini Ideas for Traders

Emini day trading rules to trade by…

When day trading emini sp 500, most traders start the day hard pressed to initiate a trade even though it may not be the best opportunity to do so. There are many factors to consider before placing the order to enter the market and when trading futures, especially the emini. Most day traders use trading indicators to make their decision. Lets think for a second if instead of looking and trying to make sense of the tradestation indicators or Ninja Trader indicators, we instead begin to analyze price itself as the main focus of how to day trade the eminis.

3 day trading strategies to start your day


1. To begin, lets burying about those trading indicators. Once the day session begins everything changing. Traders are entering positions, other traders are exiting from prior day end of day session. What your trading indicators show as may not be what may occur, especially at the beginning of the day (pit) session. The emini trading session begins at 9:30EST and everything changes especially the volatility. The direction of the emini can quickly change from long to short and those esignal, tradestation and even ninja trader indicators will do you more harm then good if they are using data plotted on the globex (pre-market) data.

2. Don’t rush into the market as soon as the day session (pit session) opens. The pressing chaos at the opening bell making for difficult emini trading. Patience does pay off and a clear opportunity will arrive after to enter the market properly. Each trade taken at Daytradetowin clearly shows entries into the market after at least 15 minutes of trading have been established. When learning how to day trade eminis its important to take into account the volatile swings that occur with the opening bell.

3. Practice for free before you trade live! Common sense dictates that before risking any money in the markets a trader must practice first and be confident with what he/she is doing. If you are using E-signal, or Tradestation you may be paying a fee each month for your charting software. I would like to suggest a free alternative, Ninja Trader charting platform. Ninja Trader 6.5 or the new Ninja Trader 7 are both free to practice and include live data. The best way to understand and test your methods is not by historical charting but live. Ninja Trader charting platform has the ability for market replay included free in simulation mode.


John Paul at http://Daytradetowin.com has been trading the futures, stocks and Forex markets and leading traders into price action mentorship trading. if you need further information contact daytradetowin at support@daytradetowin.com

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